Camp in Club «Solna» of Stockholm in May 2013

Summer school in Chicago 2013

A. Training Camps.

Alexander Vedenin has set up and conducted a wide range of custom-designed Training Camps with comprehensive programs for skaters and coaches of National and Sectional Federations, various training centers, international groups in Australia, Andorra, Argentina, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, USA.

Principles of setting up and organizing Training Camps:

Training Camps can be of two types:
A) Educational Seminar Camp designed mainly to teach coaches.
This includes lectures, discussions, teamwork, and training with skaters.
The training process should be so organized as to explain and to discuss with coaches teaching/training methods and systems of exercises, methods to correct mistakes rather than spend time making skaters learn the elements.

The Seminar Camp can last from 2 to 4 days and should preferably take place in the spring (during the period of preparation for the season).

B) Training Camp designed mainly to train/teach selected skaters of a team or center.
Alexander Vedenin as the moderator conducts the training process. Local coaches participate in the training process in accordance with Alexander Vedenins plan (assignments).
Skaters are divided into several groups according to their level. The principal training method is group lessons (high intensity). Private (semi-private) lessons can be planned as additions to the main training program.
The Training Camp program includes on-ice and off-ice training sessions.
In accordance with the objectives of the training period, the program will include skating skill sessions, technique of elements, strength and conditioning, working on programs, and preparation for competitions.

The Training Camp can last from 1 to 3 weeks and take place at any time of the year. The Training Camp program depends on the period within the season (on the objectives of the period).

Camp in Club «Solna» of Stockholm in May 2013



B. Summer School.

Alexander Vedenin has many years experience of conducting National Training Camps for the USSR National Team as its Head Coach and extensive experience of setting up, organizing, managing, and coaching International Summer Schools in Finland, Norway, Switzerland, and the USA.

Edge Ice Arena Chicago


Period: June 7th — August 6th, 2010

Location: Edge Ice Arena
735 East Jefferson Street, Bensenville, Illinois 60106
++1 630 766 8888

Main hotel: Country Inn & Suites (3 min drive from the rink)
777 East Grand Avenue, Bensenville, Illinois 60106
++1 630 279 0100
To contact:
While booking your accommodation in this hotel, please, mention that you are going to participate in the Edge Summer School in order to get a discount.

Basic Schedule

On Ice activities
6:00 — 7:50 am — Practice ice (open to all levels)
8:00 — 8:40 am — Skating Skills Class (Level 1 + International)
8:50 — 10:20 am — Practice ice (Level 1 + International)
10:30 — 11:00 am — Skating Skills Class (Level 2  Mo, We, Fr)
(Level 3  Tu, Th)
11:00 — 12:00 pm — Practice ice (Level 2 + 3)
12:00 — 12:40 pm — Class (vary at various days: jumps, spins, power, theater)
12:50 — 2:50 pm — Practice ice (open to all the levels)
3:00 — 4:30 pm — Practice ice (International)

Off Ice activities
8:00 — 8:40 am — Conditioning (Level 2  Tu, Th)
9:30 — 10:10 am — Conditioning, Dance (Level 2  Mo, We, Fr)
(Level 3  Tu, Th)
10:30 — 11:10 am — Ballet, Dance (Level 1 + International)

4:40 — 5:30 pm — Special Off Ice program (International + Level 1  Mo, We, Fr)

The schedule is subject to alterations according to the number and the level of the participants.

SUMMER SCHOOL in Chicago 2013

  — Coaches Alexander Vedenin and Shanetta Folle with a group of Swedish skaters, including Victoria Helgesson (World Rating — Nr. 5) and Joshi Helgesson (World Rating — Nr. 17)

I. Summer School Training Program
A) Training with highly qualified coaches, including World and Olympic coaches.
The principal guest coach is World and Olympic coach Shanetta Folle, who has worked with and choreographed the programs for Michelle Kwan, Shisuka Arakawa, Mao Asada, Evan Lysacek, Johnny Weir, Timothy Goebel, Kevin Reynolds, and many other skaters.
B) Classes (group lessons) organized for 3-4 different Levels:
— Level 1 — from Novice to International
— Level 2 — from Pre-Juvenile to Intermediate
— Level 3 — below Pre-Juvenile
— Level 4 — can be organized according to the number and level of the participants.
Class Sessions include:
— On-ice skating skills
— Off-ice general and specific training for figure skaters
— Ballet
C) Lower-level skaters (Level 3, Level 4, and partly Level 2) are also offered a Jump Class Session.
D) Private and Semi-Private (2-4 skaters) lessons (30-90 minutes) with School Coaches.
These lessons provide technical training, working on programs, preparation for competitions.
Private and Semi-Private lessons are always conducted under custom-designed programs, taking into consideration skaters individual plans (requirements).
E) Choreography of programs.
Requests for choreography should be submitted at least 6 weeks before the Summer School so that this work (time, music) could be planned in advance.
F) The Sport Facility offers a special discount price for the Ice Fee Package, which allows a skater to use Unlimited ice time throughout the period of a camp.
In addition to Classes, our Summer School offers 7�8 hours of ice time a day Monday through Friday. Training sessions are possible Saturdays in accordance with the individual plans of skaters.

II. Skaters can participate in this Summer School with their own coaches.
Guest coaches are welcome.

III. Swimming Pool of the Sport Facility is available to Summer School participants free of charge.

IV. Accommodation.
Participants are offered accommodations at the Apartment Hotel located near the Sport Facility or they may choose to stay with the families of local skaters.