Alexander Vedenin worked out original training methods based on his 30 years of personal experience as a World and Olympic coach and development manager. He worked for a long time with the worlds best coaches such as Tatiana Tarasova, Viktor Kudriavtsev, Valentin Nikolayev, Alexei Mishin, Rafail Arutjunjan and Shanetta Folle, and this contributed a lot to developing the ideas and methods described below.

A. How To Teach Young Skaters
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Training methods and a system of exercises enabling young skaters to learn the basics of figure skating technique.
These methods help acquire the technical skills that will provide a basis for adapting in a quicker way to the new requirements of modern figure skating.
The general idea of these methods is the Concept of Technique, where the technique of difficult elements is built on the same principles as the technique of basic skating skills.

B. Concept of Technique in Figure Skating.

Principles of Correct Technique in skating.
A system of exercises to teach the Elements of Single Figure Skating (Jumps, Spins, and Steps).
From Single Jumps to Triple and Quadruple Jumps.
From basic positions in Spins to difficult variations.

C. Skating Skills.

A comprehensive package of exercises for skaters to learn and improve their skating skills (Flows, Edges, Turns, and Steps) at different levels (from Preliminary to World competitors).