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Original Training Methods
Development Projects
Development Projects

ISU Nordic Development Project

Based on his coaching and management experience gained while working in different countries and participating in the ISU Development Program, Alexander Vedenin can create a Development Project for implementation at Training Center level and at National Federation level.

Basic principles of creating a Development Project:
1. Well-known, highly qualified, experienced experts should participate in the Project on a regular basis (several times a year), providing consultation and supervising the Project.

2. The first and most important goal of any Development Project is to develop (educate, train, etc.) local specialists:
- encourage all participating people
- select the most promising ones
- invest in the selected group: money, time, best conditions

3. Teamwork.
Everybody involved in the Project must be a teamplayer.

4. All skating schools (sections of the Center) should operate under the constantly supervised modern Learn to Skate program to provide skaters and coaches (instructors) with the proper basic skills.
Up-to-date teaching methods and a system of tests should be made available to skating schools.

5. Selected skaters and coaches are invited to regular Educational and Training Camps/Seminars.

6. Skater/coach selection system.
Event/competition supervision system.

7. Participation in appropriate international events.

8. Management of selected skaters and coaches throughout the life of the Project.

9. Programs of financing, sponsorship, technical and scientific support, and PR.

ISU Nordic Development Project
(camp in Vierumaki, Finland, May 2012)

Moderators: A.Vedenin, B.Orser, I.Tchinjaev.

camp in Vierumaki, Finland, May 2012 A.Vedenin, B.Orser, I.Tchinjaev with Finnish Team A.Vedenin, B.Orser, I.Tchinjaev with Hungarian Team A.Vedenin, B.Orser, I.Tchinjaev

August, 2015, camp in Belgium

Лето 2015

April, May 2015

April, May 2015

April, May 2015

with Victoria Helgesson

with Victoria Helgesson and Christina Helgesson

with Kristoffer Berntsson

Austrian champion Miriam Ziegler

Austrian champion Miriam Ziegler and Eva Martinek

camp at TWIN RINKS in Chicago

Austrian champion Manuel Koll and Ushi Koll

camp with team of Australia in 2009

Work with the Swedish National Team

ISU Development Project 2011 (May, Findland)

Coaches Alexander Vedenin and Shanetta Folle with a group of Swedish skaters, including Victoria Helgesson (World Rating - Nr. 5) and Joshi Helgesson (World Rating - Nr. 17)