30 июля 2022 года.
Надежды фигурного катания
из Центра Олимпийской подготовки в Сочи
на сборе в станице Тихорецкая.


Original Traning Method

These original training methods have been worked out by A.Vedenin, based on his 30 years personal experience as a World and Olympic coach and as a development manager.
— How To Teach Young Skaters
— Concept of Technique in Figure Skating
— Skating Skills


Within the period of 1995 — 2008 the seminars for coaches and skaters have been presented in Austria, Australia, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Norway, Spain, Sweden, USA, Argentina.
Seminar can take from 2 to 4 days. Local skaters can be used as demonstrators.

Development Projects

Based on the coachs and management experience, collected while working in different countries as well as participating in the ISU Development Program, A.Vedenin can work out a Development Project on the level of a Training Center as well as on the level of National Federation.


A wide range of custom designed training camps with comprehensive programs for skaters and coaches of National and Sectional Federations, various Training centers, International groups have been projected and conducted by A.Vedenin in Australia, Andorra, Argentina, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, USA.